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Hotel Boutique Tremo Parque Recoleta

Santiago de Chile is a city that will surprise with the duality of its closeness to the Andes and its cosmopolitan touch. The history of the country is hidden in the museums and cultural interest buildings.

Historic center

Hotel Boutique Tremo Parque Recoleta is located 15 minutes away from the km 0, in the Plaza de Armas, which is rounded by the most important administrative buildings. It is the starting point of the main streets and avenues that will guide you towards other interesting places as Metropolitan Cathedral, the Casa Colorada or the emblematic Palacio de la Moneda, headquarters of the President of the Republic.

If you want to explore arts and local culture, you should add to your planning the main museums in the city: the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Chilean History and the National Historical Museum. We also recommend enjoying one of the shows in the Municipal Theatre.

Parks and green areas

Another attraction in the city are the parks, where you can enjoy the nature and rest of the noise of the city. O'Higgins Park is the biggest park in the center of Santiago. It hosts a lot of activities throughout the year, like the Fiestas Patrias in September or the Lollapalooza festival. You can also find Fantasilandia, which is an amusement park, and the municipal pool.

The Santiago’s Metropolitan Park, with 737 hectare, is one of the biggest in South America. The highest point in the park is San Cristóbal Hill, where you can see the Andes. You can go up by walk or by cable car. The zoo, Chagual Botanic Garden, Japaneese Garden and much more is located as well in the Santiago’s Metropolitan Park.

Lastarria neighborhood

The location of Hotel Boutique Tremo Parque Recoleta has become one of the most visited areas in Santiago. There you will find a wide range of local food restaurants, cultural centers, independent boutiques and art galleries.

Its central location and its wooded environment have been attracting tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro, the Cultural Centre Gabriela Mistral and the Bruna Palace.